Between the years 2010-2012, five lifetime friends from Lake Worth, FL, went off to college, being ones of the first in their family to graduate with a bachelor’s degrees. They all went to school for different reasons but had one goal, which was to provide for their families back in Lake Worth. With the lost of many loved ones while on the road to success, Admasen Felix, Scott Souffrant, Kyle Haye, Oliver Boucard, and Alix Brun devoted in 2017 to represent those lost ones, God, their family, friends, and career by being a sole example to Never Grind 4 Yourself.

Never Grind 4 Yourself, LLC. is a motivational apparel company designed to inspire the mind, body, and spirit through focus on unity. It is based upon 4 pillars that drive individuals towards their dreams: GOD, FAMILY, FRIENDS, and COMMUNITY.

We, as owners who are just everyday people, know that one of the worst feelings is letting someone down. We understand our goals affect those who we connect with. Have you ever considered the impact your goals have on everything and everyone you are close to? Our movement has more to offer than just apparel and style; we want people to grow, prosper, and have a heart for The 4 Pillars. We want to motivate people to change the world in a positive way; to bring peace and growth to everyone. So, who do you grind 4?